Jacques Delanoë Olivier Cloarec
© Stade Rennais F.C.

Executive Chair and Managing Director: : Olivier Cloarec (on the right in the photo)

Chair of the Board of Directors: Jacques Delanoë (on the left in the photo)


Professional group

Technical Director: Florian Maurice

Coach: Bruno Genesio

Assistant Coaches: Dimitri Farbos and Philippe Bizeul

Goalkeeping Coach: Olivier Sorin

Physical Trainer: Grégory Gaillard

Head of the Analysis Department: César Arghirudis

Medical Director: Dr Éric Rolland

Head of Performance: Thomas Choinard



Deputy Managing Director: Benoît Muller

Academy Director: Denis Arnaud

Sales & Marketing Director: Richard Declaude

Stadium manager: Pierre Juhel

Legal and Social Affairs Director: Elodie Crocq

Communications Director: Antoine Biard

Head of the ETP Odorico: Philippe Debray