A musical track created by Mayeul and young people from the Academy

Mayeul et jeunes académie
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Mayeul, a rapper from Rennes who made his name on The Voice, worked with young people from the Academy for a month to dream up and write a musical track. After filming a video clip, they performed a pre-match showcase at Roazhon Park.

🎨 CARTE BLANCHE | L'Académie feat. Mayeul

How did this project come about?

I've known David Mounivong, an instructor at the club for a number of years, and when we spoke he told me about the extra-curricular activities he was doing with his youngsters. He asked me to speak on the theme of music, and I was immediately delighted to be able to share my knowledge of this art form, especially as I'm very attached to Stade Rennais. A club where I played for 7 seasons when I was young.

Can you tell us about the different stages of the project?

There were 4 working sessions, the main aim of which was to prepare a pre-match showcase. First of all, I met them, we talked about the world of music and I was able to explain the different jobs to them. The idea was also for them to be able to choose a composition that I had produced before launching the production of the song.

Then came the writing. After determining the themes and key words relating to the club, the young people began to write on their own before a collective exchange. This brainstorming phase was very rewarding. Everyone was able to share and defend their ideas in order to write the lyrics.

We then made a studio recording and shot a video clip at Roahzon Park. Finally, we gave a showcase in the village before the derby against FC Lorient. It really was a superb adventure!

What have the young people gained from this?

They got out of their comfort zone and learned a lot about themselves.It's never easy to be comfortable in front of a microphone, a camera or an audience. You have to manage your stress, just like before a match.The young people were very involved and quickly at ease.I was pleasantly surprised by their ability to let go, their great capacity to adapt and their self-confidence.More generally, I think it's great that these youngsters can see something other than just football. I'm convinced that this experience will serve them well in the future.


A cross between rap, pop and electro, Mayeul is releasing his new album entitled "Odyssée Dégradée", available on all streaming platforms.

To discover it live, come along to the Roi Arthur festival on 26 and 27.

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