Julien Stéphan: "It's a happy comeback"

Julien Stéphan spoke at the post-match conference.

Julien Stéphan
© Stade Rennais F.C. / Ouest Médias

A winning return

« I don't know if it's a perfect comeback, but it's a happy one above all, with the win, the three points, the sharing between the players and the fans. I really liked the way we started the game, even though we fell back afterwards and they quite logically equalised. Reims' position in the table is no coincidence, they're a team with quality. We score at important moments».

One goal from a corner, another from a free kick

« We had a top analysis from Rudi Cuny on attacking kicks. The staff and players did a great job with a very clear and precise video presentation. Well done to the players and staff. I loved the defensive displays, to be honest; decisive defensive interventions are just as important as a goal, and they also stimulate the crowd».

The system with Bourigeaud as leader

« The idea was to try and adopt the most appropriate system for using certain players. I wanted our three attacking players to be very close to each other, so that there would be a lot of us in their central huddle. That motivated the attacking system and as far as the defence is concerned, I think we have the players to play like that. Bourigeaud is a club legend, he doesn't need the armband to be a leader, I'm very happy for him, he's put a lot of energy into his new position with good projections. His goal validates all that. We know his style, he's ultra-decisive. In the build-up to the match, he showed himself to be important along with Steve and Nema. These are the players who have the key to supporting a young squad». 

Significant success

« The choice between playing well and winning is an easy one. To win in the long term you also need to have a certain quality of play. I'm delighted to be back on the bench, especially here, as you know. The players deserve the praise».